The wrecks of the bay :


1-Italian Full rigged ship : -60 to -120 feet.


2-Clementina : -150 feet. three masted vessel, near a wall. 120 feet long build in wood.


3-Gabrielle : Schooner on -120 feet. 120 feet long build in wood.


4-Dalhia : -90 feet. Mine-sweeper which sunck in 1957


5-Diamant : -90 feet. Sea-shuttle between St-Pierre and Fort de France. 90 feet long build in steal.


6-The Barge : -105 feet. just behind the Diamant.


7-Roraïma : -150 feet. Great Steamer, 360 feet long of the Québek line Company. World-class wreck in steal.


8-Three mast bark : Almost complitly destroy on -105 feet deep.


9-Great Barkentine on 105 feet with steamer winch on the stem.


10-Thérésa Lo Vigo : -115 feet. complit freight on board on this three masted bark.


11- Wreck of « l’Amelie » (le Résinier) : -33 feet. steal three mast from Marseille, 144 feet long, wich sunk in january 1902.





1/The Pearl Rock:

A Rock offshore on the northest part of the island, on the Dominica's channel, 1/2 mile off the coast. Sometime strong current, but very clear water. Plentiful sea Fauna with big offshore fishes. Between 30 and 150 feet.


2/The Submarine Rock:

A lot of big rock 750 feet off the coast between the pearl rock and "l'anse couleuvre". Tunnels,

caves and arch populate by lobsters, recifal fishes and turtles. Between 30 and 55 feet.


3/The Citadel:

Rocky tableland dot with coral blocks, surrounding an abysal drop-off. Recifal fauna with a lot of offshore fishes. Between 45 and 150 feet.


4/The Charmer:

Little wall with caves under a Coral reef populate by enormous crater and fluorescent sponges. Reef fauna and flora, caves where often nest canouan turtles. Between 45 and 120 feet.


5/The Canyons of Babody:

A lot of gorges, borned with the rain waters 18 000 years ago during the last glacial period.

Atmosphere dive with gigantic scenery. Numerous corals and sponges on walls. Grooppers,

ray and turtle. Between 60 and 165 feet.


6/The Great Wall of Lamarre's point (The Coucoune):

Overhanging Deep water wall. Black corals,coralian fauna and big off shore fishs. between 45

and 15 feet.



7/Clear River:


8/The hot springs:


9/The blue hall:


10/ The Précheur's garden:


This four différents places présent the same relief, with a table on shallow deep (10 to 15 feet.) and a drop off witch quickly go down. It's the typical view of the coral reef,

richly populate by all the fishs, corals, sponges and turtles présent in the Caraib.

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