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The  TROPICASUB Diving Center :

       Located directly in the premises of the "Madi Créoles Resort", in heart of the small cove of Anse Latouche, Lionel Lafont, his wife, Françoise and their team would like you to discover the May 8, 1902 underwater wrecks as well as the Northern Caribbean walls right up to the Pearl Rock.


       The Center, operational as of 1986, guarantees you thorough knowledge of all diving sites. Diving through the wrecks becomes a veritable cultural activity thanks to the historical and geographical commentary, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


       TROPICASUB, a CMAS and CEDIP Diving School, offers you : a new 38-feet launch boat with a 330 HP turbo D engine, one compressor 20m3/hr and 30 full AQUALUNG diving kits (tanks, regulators, b/c, wet suits, fins, masks and snorkels.).


       We have over twenty diving sites split into three main categories: Wrecks of 1902's volcano eruption, fringing coral reefs and abyssal walls. In view of the variety of diving experiences, we may attend to twenty divers simultaneously, whatever their level, from beginners to instructors.





       The Center is open every day and offers two daily off shore dives:

In the morning at 9:30 a.m. to the wrecks for a historical dive.

and at 11:30 a.m., shore dive (or swimming pool) for students and beginners.

in the afternoon at 2:30 p.m. to discover the underwater plant and wildlife of the island's north.





       In our diving school, you may prepare for all your diving certificates and licenses with our Federal diving monitors, PADI Instructors, holding state-accredited licenses and the "Guide de la mer" (sea guide). Five different specialties are available, including wreck, boat, underwater communication, deep dive, naturalism and more.


       Don't forget to bring the following if you have them: your diving logbook, Your Diving Knowledge Passport  or your certification card stating your diving level.


       On shore :  30-m² facilities with fresh rinsing water, shower, fridge, fully equipped Maintenance workshop and a 20-m² deck overlooking the sea  with lounge chairs.      















Our Craft: ATHENA


comfort and safety 38-feet launch boat, 2006 model especially designed for 25 divers. 330 HP turbo diesel engine, 20 knots. 2 over-hanging ladders, middle bench tank rack, fresh rinsing water, sounder, GPS, V.H.F and oxygen therapy.

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